There are some common issues in Roku which the Roku users will experience. If you are a Roku user and require clear steps to solve Roku stick problems then here is the Roku troubleshooting  for you to refer to. 

Roku troubleshooting guide

What to do if you cannot see the video on Roku?

These are some of the causes that can prevent the video from being visible on the screen. Look at the Roku troubleshooting points below.

  • You have chosen the wrong source input on the TV
  • This issue is a very common because most of the TVs have many video inputs on the backside of the TV. It is helpful for connecting devices like the cable box, gaming console, and the Roku player. You have to choose the input that is the source that fits the connected Roku player
  • Firstly, check and see which of the input you contain. The video connector will have the input name labeled
  • Secondly, the way the input change will differ that will depend on the Brand of TV and model. It is mostly accessible with the help of a button on the TV remote control.
  • Thirdly, Search for the button on the TV remote control. It will say input, source, video, TV/video, AUX, etc. Click the button and your TV will display some of the inputs
  • Now, wait for ten seconds between pressing the button for the TV to identify the video
  • Lastly, If the menu is shown you can use the arrow button on the remote to select the right input and then click Enter and select. Choose each input one at a time. If nothing appears on the TV will display a message ‘No video‘ or ‘No signal detected
  • The video is not connected properly
  • Check if the video cable is tightly and firmly in place at the back of the Roku player and the HDMI composite
  • Then If the cable is defective use another and try again with Roku player 

Channel no longer available in Roku

The Roku works to provide super content for entertainment. It is offering thousands of streaming channels. The service providers may decide to remove their channel form the list. In some of the cases, the channels in Roku might have been removed because it would have violated terms and conditions. This issue is taken as a serious matter. That is why some channels are no longer available in Roku.

Roku troubleshooting

Roku troubleshooting

What if there is an “HDCP Error detected” notification or purple screen?

The HDCP is the protection of content standards utilized by the movie and TV industry. It is the copy protection of  high-bandwidth. For contents 4K and 4K HDR, this type of protection is necessary.

  • If you are trying to stream high-quality content and see the purple screen check with the guide given regarding ‘Setting up the Roku player for 4K
  • Unplug the HDMI cable or the TV and the AVR
  • Turn off the TV and unplug it
  • Take away the power cord from the Roku player
  • Connect the back of the HDMI cable and make sure if the connector is tightly attached
  • Connect back the power cord to the TV and the Roku player. Now wait for the devices to power on
  • Now try and see if the video is visible

There are also other suggestions you can try

  • Firstly, use a different HDMI input for the TV
  • Secondly, try using another HDMI cable. You have to ensure if the cable does not have any defects
  • Thirdly, if you are utilizing an HDMI switch or the AVR you can try connecting the Roku player to the TV
  • You can try with another TV if you prefer
  • If you are utilizing a computer monitor you can check by using a TV
  • Lastly, use the display settings on the Roku player. You can check the settings in the settings>Display type

Roku Error code 011 – Cannot connect to Roku

  • Firstly, try to connect it again after waiting for a few minutes
  • Secondly, go to support and check if there are any connectivity issues in the service
  • Thirdly, if the Roku shows that it is not having an internet connection then you will see a message that will guide you through the process of reconnection to the home network

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