Screen Mirroring

Stream from your Android device on a big screen and now, its the screen mirroring application plays a major role.

Features of Screen Mirroring

  • This feature enables you to view the replica of the app items on the compatible Android or Windows device wirelessly on the big screen.
  • Using this option, you can send web pages, videos, photos, and more to the compatible streaming devices.

Roku Screen Mirroring

  • The Roku device has a screen mirroring option, and so you can view the videos, photos, web pages, via the Roku streaming device.
  • The streaming can be done, once the screen mirroring feature is enabled on both the streaming and the Android devices.
Roku Screen Mirroring

How to install screen mirroring app for Roku

Screen Mirroring App Installation on Roku

Proceed with the following steps on How to install screen mirroring app for Roku 

  • Firstly, hold the Home button on the Roku remote.
  • Head to Roku channel store.
  • Now, in the Find bar, enter the name of the application, that is, Screen Mirroring to Roku.
  • After that, click the result to view the information regarding the app.
  • Secondly, opt the Add Channel button.
  • Finally, the app is added to the Roku device.

Authorize the Screencasting on Roku

  • For this, at first, go to Roku screen settings.
  • Next, choose System and then select Screen mirroring(beta) option.
  • Finally, choose Screen mirroring.
  • This is the most important step that has to be made before start to streaming.

Screen Mirroring from Mac to Roku

The following steps can help to Roku screen mirroring Mac

  • Firstly, on your Roku device add the mirror for the Roku app.
  • Find the channel on the App Store and add the channel.
  • Secondly, permit the screencasting feature on the Roku device.
  • You can see a screen that will enable you to add the device.
  • And this option will help to add the device to the Roku.
  • On your Mac device, head to the system settings and choose system option.
  • Touch the Screen casting option.
  • Finally, choose network connection and tap the Start Mirroring option.
  • And thus screen mirroring procedure begins on the Mac.

Roku Screen Mirroring Android

  • Firstly, for Roku screen mirroring Android, make sure to turn off the screen mirroring option on the Roku device.
  • Next, make a confirmation that the phone runs on 4.4.2 or later versions.
  • Secondly, link the Android and the Roku TV to the same network.
  • After that, enable the screen mirroring feature on the Android device.
  • To do that, go the Settings and choose Display.
  • Touch Cast screen and hold the Menu.
  • Finally, make sure to check the Enable wireless display checkbox.
  • The Roku device will be seen on the cast screen section of the Android device.
  • Do the necessary connection for the mirroring process.

Roku Screen Mirroring for Windows 10

Roku screen mirroring Windows 10 has simple steps to be done:

First of all, link the Roku device and the Windows 20 pc to the same network.

  • Next, enable the screen mirroring option on the Roku device.
  • After that, the Roku screen will ask ‘if want to accept the cast from whatever you are mirroring from’.
  • Accept this message to proceed.
  • Now, on the Windows 10 pc, right-click on the desktop and choose Display settings.
  • Scroll down through the Display settings and search for the connection to a wireless display option.
  • There will be a pop up on the Windows and there you can find the Roku player on the list.
  • Secondly, accept the prompt that pops up on the Roku device.
  • Choose the Allow button on the Roku device.
  • Finally, start to cast from Windows 10 to the Roku device.

TCL Roku TV Screen Casting

  • Firstly, opt Settings and System.
  • Under that, select the Screen mirroring option and then choose Enable screen mirroring.
  • Now, on the Android device enable the screen mirroring option.
  • After that, enable the screen mirroring option on the Windows device.
  • Access the Action center and opt Project.
  • Next, opt, link to a wireless display.
  • Finally, from the sidebar, choose the Roku device and proceed with the on-screen prompts.

Screencast on the Roku Device

Below are quick steps for How to screen mirror on Roku?

  • Firstly, begin with enabling the screen mirroring option on the Roku device.
  • Turn on the Roku device.
  • After that, access the Roku settings screen.
  • Secondly, choose the Screen mirroring(beta) option.
  • Finally, make a checkmark on the Enable Screen mirroring checkbox.

For more information, contact our streaming player support team through the toll-free number +1-844-221-7630.

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