Privacy Policy

The main objective of this Privacy Policy is to clarify how collects, stores, and utilizes your data. Prior to providing data or using our facilities, it is advised to go through our Privacy Policy. We are continuously updating our privacy policies and kindly call our customer service for further questions or if you wish to contact us

Information Collection

The following information and data are collected by our website

  • Name of the user, email address and residential address
  • Credit card details of the users for paid channel activation and transaction purposes

Information Storage

The security and safety of your data are crucial to us. We have a state of the art data protection and preservation mechanism. utilizes SSL encryption to safeguard your data and transactions against external threats. All our servers are extensively encrypted so that the protection of your data won’t be your concern. However, the safety of data you provide to us in email can not be guaranteed

Use of Information utilizes your data for the different reasons listed here. We use your data to respond to your questions and queries. We also use the information to create and enhance the content of our website. However, except for transactional reasons, we don’t use your payment data anywhere

Information Sharing

Our strategies are strictly legal and we don’t disclose your data and information with anybody else until we obtain your permission. We shall only share your information and data to the respective legal authorities, that too if it is necessary. However, we will be no longer responsible in any court of law if a third-party threatens or mishandles your data