Activate Roku using Roku code link and you need to execute few steps. For all brand new models, refer the device manual to understand the instructions

As Roku models are many, recommend you to check the reviews to find the best model. Features and specifications are exciting and unique for each model

  • Roku streaming stick
  • Ultra
  • Roku premiere
  • Express
  • Roku Premiere plus
  • Roku Express plus

Entertaining channels to watch on Roku

New channels

Roku is on its way to introduce the most entertaining channels and include Tidal, Tasty TV, Buzz feed Nifty and much more

Most watched

The most-watched and most loved ones include Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Showtime, Hulu, DirecTV Now, HBO Go and lot more

Are you interested to explore these channels? Here we explain Roku code link activate steps to help you

Roku code link

Roku code link

What are the Roku code link activation steps?

  • Initial and guided setup steps
  • Connect your device to an active Internet connection
  • Selecting the Language and Display
  • Creating a Roku account
  • Activating the device using the page
  • Resolving the error messages or error codes that appear on your screen

what are the preliminary requisites for the setup?

  • Roku account
  • Good speed internet connection
  • Activation page
  • Roku activation code or Roku link code
  • The compatible Roku device for streaming( Suggest you to read the reviews to find the best model to buy)
  • Necessary cables to connect the device( Power, USB, HDMI and Ethernet cable)
  • Device setup manual and troubleshooting guide to refer the instructions

Roku code link Setup guide

  • Power up your device to start Roku code link setup
  • Switch the device ON. You can view the Roku Logo on  your device display screen
  • Settings to select the Language and Display will appear on your screen
  • Choose the option wireless, enter the wireless network username and password
  • Click on the connect tab
  • If you are comfortable with  wired connection, use the Ethernet cable to connect your device and Modem
  • Now wait for green checkmarks to appear on the screen
  • Carry on with the remaining setup instructions to view the Roku activation code
  • Make a note of the Roku activation code  to proceed further

Create a account

If you do not have a Roku account, it’s important to create one

  • As the preliminary step, navigate to account creation page
  • Click on the URL and you will receive a prompt to provide the required data
    • Name
    • Email ID
    • Password
  • The very last step is to click on the connect tab
  • Wait for the account creation process to complete
  • Now login with the Roku account credentials

How to link Roku gadgets to the account?

  • From your mobile device or tablet, open the new URL,
  • Wait and you will a redirected to a new page
  • You will receive a prompt to enter the Roku activation code
  • The Roku device activation process is complete

Activate your Favorite Roku channel

  • Use your Roku remote, click on the streaming channels tab to move to Roku channel store
  • Now start your search to find your favorite Roku channel
  • If it’s pay channel, pay the subscription charges
  • To activate free channel, select and use the option, Add channel
  • For Private channel activation, use the option, Activate the device using a code

Do you get stuck with Roku activation errors?

  • Check and verify the channel activation steps
  • Use the valid Roku activation code or Roku link code
  • The speed of Network that you use must be active and secure
  • Suggest you to reset and restart( Factory and Hard reset are the available )
  • Opt for a different model, if the existing one is not working
  • Always use the valid page for activation
  • Read and understand device setup manual before you proceed
  • The Roku account that you use must be valid. if not you can deactivate the account ad try creating a new one

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