Roku TV setup

Did you buy a new Roku device and now want to set it up? Follow the instructions given for your benefit for Roku TV Setup. This will aid you in using your Roku TV effectively and watch a much fantastic show it will offer for you.

How to setup Roku TV?

  • Firstly connect the Roku box to the TV by utilizing the HDMI cable. Then power on the Roku TV
  • Place the batteries in your remote control and plug the Roku TV box to the power source
  • Then turn the Roku TV on. You will be able to see the Roku power-up page that showcased an animated Roku image
  • Choose the language utilized for the onscreen Roku menu system
  • For the Roku TV, you will be prompted to choose the country you reside
  • Connect the Roku TV to the network router for access to the internet. Roku TV will use both types of connections such as WiFi and Ethernet connections. If you are utilizing the WiFi then the Roku will search for internet options nearby. Opt for the preferred network and key in the WiFi password
  • Once the arrangement of the connection is over you will be able to see a message that software and firmware is available. If this happens you can allow Roku to go through the process of update
  • When utilizing the HDMI the Roku will automatically detect the aspect ratio and resolution capability of the TV
  • You can set the video output signal of the Roku device
  • This you can modify too if you prefer
  • The Roku remote has got an automatic function. You will need to perform the steps given here to continue with the process. If it needs pairing then you will be able to see a notification and instructions on the TV screen
  • If you use a Roku enhanced remote for the Roku TV check the remote settings option that will appear automatically and set up the remote. This will control the power and sound of the TV
  • Make a password by reaching the Roku signup page. You have to generate a username, password and then offer the location information. The payment method is also necessary to setup

These are the starting steps for the Roku TV setup.

Roku TV setup

Roku TV setup

How to connect Roku to TV?

Connect Roku to TV by the following Roku link activate Roku TV steps. Create a Roku account for linking it with Roku.

Your account will store the details regarding the channels you have added, activated and watching in the Roku devices.

It is important to use standard email address with the account. You will receive important account notifications in your account. You must choose a strong and secure password for the Roku account.

Roku link activate Roku TV steps

  • Firstly, follow the screen instructions to link Roku with internet
  • When you are connected the Roku device will download the software
  • The Roku will show a code. This is a Roku link code so enter it on the site for linking it
  • On the site after entering the code submit it
  • The site will display some instructions to proceed to create a Roku account
  • Now, you can also login to the account you already have
  • When you are creating a Roku account you will be asked to give the payment information. This is not for creating the account but for buying the channels on Roku in the future that come under the paid category
  • You can also create a pin to stop any unauthorized access to the account

Additional setup procedures

  • Select Home use

You can select the option for home use. It will set the Default settings for home use. The lightening environment of the home will be taken into account.

  • Connect the devices

Link devices with the TV. This must be done during the stage if the initial setup.

  • Give input names

Assign a name and icon to the device connected with the input. Set custom name option is available for this job. If you input names it becomes easier when you are using the Roku TV.

To know more about the Roku TV Setup you can drop in on our web page for how to setup Roku TV and how to connect Roku to TV procedures.

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