Roku Activation and troubleshooting guide

The streaming player can make your home into a place of entertainment and joy. With the aid of streaming players you will be able to see movies, TV shows, Live TV, Reality TV, Documentaries, Short Films, and many more. You will also be able to see some local channels in the streaming player too. There are a great many streaming devices in the market and one of the popular among the players in Roku. Go and visit for establishing Roku account and to complete Roku activation.

Roku is the best because it offers favorite shows at affordable prices. You will be able to watch 500,000 hit movies and famous TV shows with the help of Roku devices. There are many categories for you to choose from. The channels need to be activated in Roku and then only you can watch it on Roku players.

The sections in Roku include Top free, Top paid, Movies and TV, kids and plethora of others. The Roku comes with a Simple remote with an easy interface for the users to use it effectively. Besides, you can go to the Roku com link to get more information regarding the features and function of Roku.

Basic requirements for Roku setup

  • The Roku devices will require a strong internet connection for the operation
  • You have to ensure if you are working in a fast internet connection to make the setup quicker
  • The High-speed HDMI cable is an essential requirement with the HDMI television for connection
How to set up Roku

How to set up Roku

How to create account?

Establish a account to Activate Roku

  • Open the browser and type in to create account
  • This is the major step in getting access to all the Roku related messages in your account
  • When you are setting up the Roku account the payment details will be requested by the site
  • This will not charge you because you are only creating the account now. The details are asked because of future channel purchases and renting paid channels
  • Moreover, you can create a Roku pin to safeguard the Roku account 

Finish the activate process by Roku activation code

  • After the connection of Roku device to the network connection, there will appear on screen a Roku link code
  • In the to key in this Roku activation code
  • This process will activate the account and you will be able to start the streaming of your favorite content on the Roku

What is Roku activation code?

The Roku activation code is an unique code that is used as a gateway password for activation. Only when you input this code on the web page will the activation process will be complete.  The Activation codes in Roku are used to link Roku account to the device during the account creation and channel activation. When you enter the wrong activation code the process will remain incomplete. Moreover the action codes will need to be used before time or else it will expire.

What are Roku activation Errors?

  • Error code 001

This error code is a sign that there is an issue with the Roku streaming player. The device may not get properly activated even after the entering of activation code.

Here is the steps to fix it.

  1. As a start you have to note down the Roku link code
  2. Use the code within the time allotted for it
  3. Use the Help menu to get the new code
  4. Check the network connection and see if it is stable
  5. Examine the LAN and the Ethernet cable in case of wired connections
  6. Check with the router settings and the streaming service if it is a wireless connection
  7. Go to the settings menu and open network after that check connection
  • Error code 009

This type of Error occurs when internet connection does not happen. For instance the Roku will tie up with router however it will be unable to do the same with the network.

  1. Contact the ISP to take care of this issue
  2. Try restarting the Roku device to set up the internet connection again
  3. Go to the settings menu and the system option for the system restart

For more directions regarding Roku streaming players you contact our agents who are willing to assist you.