The Roku streaming player will offer you a wonderful opportunity to stream videos from the internet. For this to work smoothly you will require a good internet connection. The home network needs to be able to keep up the pace with a Roku streaming device for quality video streaming. However, if you face Roku not connecting to internet issue you can follow the steps below for solving all sorts of Roku network problems. You can drop in on the Roku web page to know about the essential matters pertaining to the issue.

What do to in case of error message Roku won’t connect to wireless?

If Roku won’t connect to wireless during the setup process check if you are doing everything correctly. If you set up the Roku player for streaming you have to link the device with the home network the similar way you use for the computer or mobile devices. Select the wireless network name and key in the right password. When you are doing this a wireless connection will form from with the Roku device. The router will then give access to the internet with the aid of broadband service offered by the internet service provider or ISP.

If the Roku is not able to connect to router you will not be able to set up the Roku internet connection. In some of the times where the internet connection is lost after setting up the device, There will be no way to launch the channels that require the internet connection. You may encounter some experiences when you are streaming.

The error will display on the screen when Roku not connecting to the internet

  • Unable to connect to the network

This will appear when you are starting to connect Roku to the wireless network

  • Checking…¬†

This will appear when Roku is attempting to make the connection after entering the wireless network name and password.

  • Not connected to the internet

This will display if the network connectivity will be lost when you are attempting to play a  channel on Roku.

  • Loading please wait…

When the connection is gone during the playback this message will appear on the screen.

Examine the connection

Go to the settings in Roku to check the connection

  • In settings go to network and network connection. Perform the test. Firstly the test will verify the connection to the home network. This will check the quality of the network signal. The second part of the test will examine whether you are connected to the internet and records the speed of the connection
  • If the strength of the wireless signal or its speed is poor you will get the on-screen methods to aid in resolving the issue.
Roku not connecting to internet

Roku not connecting to internet?

How to fix the Roku not connecting to internet issue?

  • Entering the right name of the wireless network

When you select the wrong wireless network name it will cause the Roku won’t connect to wireless issue. If you are not so sure about the Roku connection you can get help finding the name by visiting site

  • Password input

If the password you entered is not working then try re-entering it. The passwords in the network can be case sensitive so you have to careful when you are typing the password

  • Check if the router is proper

You can make use of a computer or mobile to connect the home network. You have to try accessing the internet by the Roku provided sites. If you can link with the internet with the other device then the router is successful in providing internet access.

  • Enhance the wireless signal strength

If the password is right and the other devices could be able to access the router however the Roku connection is still failing then the problem will be with the strength of the connection. The more the signal gets weak the more it will be difficult to for the connection to process.

  • Restart the Roku device and the router

For restarting the Roku player reach the settings > system > system restart. You will have to unplug the Roku device from the power outlet. Wait for some time and then again reconnect.

These are some of the times where the Roku not connecting to internet problems will occur.

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